Dan Gliuibizzi | Together we follow | Installation view 1
Dan Gliuibizzi | Together we follow | Installation view 2
Dan Gliuibizzi | Together we follow | Installation view 3
Dan Gliuibizzi | Together we follow | Installation view 4
Dan Gluibizzi - together we follow
Dan Gluibizzi - Understanding
Dan Gluibizzi - pink kisses
Dan Gluibizzi - Night coast
Dan Gluibizzi - Modern couple (kiss)
Dan Gluibizzi - Modern Couple r+m
Dan Gluibizzi - Modern Couple (blue)
Dan Gluibizzi - fourteen futures
Dan Gluibizzi - Eleven futures
Dan Gluibizzi - Kiss
Dan Gluibizzi - Summer 8pm
Dan Gluibizzi - zig zag
Dan Gluibizzi - at the coast
Dan Gluibizzi - Measured
Dan Gluibizzi - Elbows
Dan Gluibizzi - sun squad
Dan Gluibizzi - Moon crew

Press Release

The Russo Lee Gallery is pleased to present Together we follow by new gallery artist Dan Gluibizzi. Gluibizzi paints frolicking figures from our digital cosmos, utilizing photography from the amateur and selfie-sourced Internet. This exhibition, predominantly comprised of images from social media, highlights both the open possibilities and dark edges of online community life. Gluibizzi’s analog rendering of sexual, nude, or semi-nude digital images employ line and subtle washes to transform the mundane into the charmingly erotic. He creates works on paper that are often hand cut, and break the boundaries of traditionally framed spaces. For many of these images, it will be the first and only time, excepting their origins in the real world, that they will exist outside the digital realm, lending the quality of uniqueness to that which is actually replicated. Once the images are on paper, they begin their own real-world life, a second life.

While living and working in Portland, Oregon, Gluibizzi has an international reputation. He has illustrated for the New York Times and has earned critical commentary from Wired, Juxtapoz Magazine, White Wall Magazine, The Observer, Print Magazine, Beautiful Decay, Cool Hunting and New American Paintings. His work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Portland, San Francisco, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Berlin, Copenhagen and New York.