Rickabaugh - Ruffled Hybrid
Rickabaugh - Windswept Bouquet
Rickabaugh - Wildflower Mix
Rickabaugh - Oyster Chrysanthemum
Rickabaugh - Flower Fest - 2019
Rickabaugh - Alpine Sundial
Rickabaugh - Night Bloomer
Rickabaugh - Flower-Fest
Rickabaugh - Flower Jazz
Rickabaugh - Spring Bouquet
Rickabaugh - Birdland
Rickabaugh - Wildflower
Rickabaugh - Trail of Bones
Rickabaugh - Aria
Rickabaugh - Meadow Flowers
Rickabaugh - Bouquet Deluxe
Rickabaugh - Poppies
Rickabaugh - Wild Rose
Rickabaugh - Little Flowers
Rickabaugh - Tall Bouquet
Rickabaugh - Candy Dish
Rickabaugh - Nest
Rickabaugh - Offering
Rickabaugh - Stepping Out
Rickabaugh - Jungle Rose
Rickabaugh - Black Chartreuse

Press Release

Also in October, the gallery is excited to feature Recent Work by artist René Rickabaugh. Rickabaugh paints with a virtuoso's skill and imagination. His astoundingly intricate watercolor and gouache paintings become objects of wonder, tempting the viewer into a place of delicate beauty, lush color, and almost scientific precision. The amazing detail Rickabaugh brings to his paintings of flowers allows a glimpse into the complex world of his imagination. The flowers he makes are animated by color and pattern, creating flora that possesses an other-worldly presence and a life of their own that continuously captivates viewers.