Dailey - Yellow Landscape by the Sea

Yellow Landscape by the Sea #20


acrylic on canvas

74.5 x 106.5 inches

Dailiey - Faraway Field

Faraway Field


acrylic on canvas

54.5 x 77 inches framed

Dailey - Sunrise by the Sea #5

Sunrise by the Sea #5


acrylic on canvas

62.5 x 74.75 inches framed

Dailey - Evening by the Sea #7

Evening by the Sea #7


acrylic on canvas

40.25 x 61 inches framed

Dailey - Egyptian Beach

Egyptian Beach


acrylic on canvas

30.5 x 61.5 inches framed

Dailey - Landscape Beside the China Sea #3

Landscape Beside the China Sea #3


acrylic on canvas

41 x 48.25 inches framed

Dailey - Cornerfield, Dawn

Cornerfield, Dawn


acrylic on canvas

37 x 45 inches framed

Dailey - Ardmore, Evening

Ardmore, Evening


acrylic on canvas

25.25 x 32 inches framed

Press Release

Russo Lee Gallery is pleased to present Selected Works, featuring paintings by Michael Dailey, from the estate and private collections. For decades Dailey pursued a vision where light and color intersect in abstracted compositions suggestive of a luminous landscape. Atmospheric and experiential, the paintings of Michael Dailey continue to invite imaginative contemplation.

Dailey was respected throughout the Northwest for his subtle, abstract interpretations of sea, land, and sky, alluding to atmosphere and light through delicate variations of color. While he was especially known for his large paintings on canvas, a foundation of his work always could be seen in his smaller-scale works on paper. The work quietly asserts tranquil and meditative qualities that are created out of a sophisticated use of color and line. His luminous and subtle creations are like no other.