Brophy - Lava Field Crater
Brophy - Lava Field: Pit
Brophy - Lava Field Surface I
Brophy - Lava Field Surface II
Brophy - Terrys Map
Brophy - Terrys Map detail
Brophy - Flame
Brophy - Lost
Brophy - Monument
Brophy - Climb
Brophy - Cows
Brophy - B Reactor
Brophy - Handford High
Brophy - Long Haul
Brophy - outage
Brophy - Development
Brophy - Cell
Brophy - Rest
Brophy - Flood 2
Brophy - FLood 1
Brophy - Suburb
Brophy - Pit 1
Brophy - Pit 2
Brophy - Surface 1
Brophy - Surface 2
Brophy - Cloud
Brophy - Cliff
Brophy Rim 1
Brophy - Rim 2

Press Release

The Russo Lee Gallery opens 2018 with Recent Work by Michael Brophy. In both small and large paintings, Brophy continues his exploration of the constructed landscape of the Pacific Northwest, where man and nature meet. Lava pits and craters, suburban sprawls and uniform developments are contrasted with eerily superb smooth skies.

Brophy’s haunting work returns him and the viewer time and again to the primordial beauty of the Northwest landscape and our human relationship to it, presenting awe and wonder in the midst of beauty or destruction. Whether endless rows of ancient forest giants or the geometric wall of stacked shipping containers, Brophy’s compelling virtuosity captivates viewers as they are pulled into the places he paints and confronted with a new awareness of the relationship between themselves and the surrounding world.