Press Release

For 2024, Russo Lee Gallery announces the return of our exhibition program The Office. We will feature works by invited artists, and shows will run for two months.


This January – February, we are pleased to present works by Laura Domela. Focusing on themes of fear and violence, Domela’s work dives into more personal ideas about how people cope with the complicated emotions and narratives surrounding fear. Using bright colors and floral motifs that often contrast with dark shapes, simple geometries, and complex line work, the artist states she is “attempting to make pretty things from ugly ideas”.  

Laura Domela is a painter, photographer, and mixed media artist based in Portland, Oregon. She earned her BFA in 1999 from the Oregon College of Art & Craft. Domela has exhibited work in the United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, and the United States. Her paintings and photographs are in numerous private and public collections, including the Portland Art Museum, the Schnitzer Investment Corp., the Meyer Memorial Trust, and the Neon Museum in Las Vegas.