Gregory Grenon - Allusion
Gregory Grenon - I Was Distant
Gregory Grenon - Eyes Averted
Gregory Grenon - Feeling Generous
Gregory Grenon - Forward
Gregory Grenon - Unwilling
Gregory Grenon - Blond Woman with Melon
Gregory Grenon - Natural Woman
Gregory Grenon - The Melon
Gregory Grenon - Maybe I Shouldn't Care
Gregory Grenon - Just Pretending
Gregory Grenon - Everything I Own
Gregory Grenon - Absolutely
Gregory Grenon - Small Demons
Gregory Grenon - Magical Land
Gregory Grenon - Childhood
Gregory Grenon - About the Secrets
Gregory Grenon - Lady Indeed

Press Release

Artist Statement


This is it viewers. What I have here is an important outlet for the resolution of inner tensions. I encourage young painters and those who have not painted, to work in private; to work at home until their individual styles have set beyond premature influence. Think and wonder how much you can improve the strange little drawings you have been making for years if you had paint and brushes.


More information on this exhibition can be found on our Artsy page.

Powerful, provocative, bold in color and in gaze, Grenon’s portrait-like images celebrate the strength of his subjects and explore the dynamic and expressive qualities of the images captured on glass verso. One of Portland’s most distinctive painters, Grenon’s work is featured in numerous public and private collections including the Seattle Art Museum; the Portland Art Museum; Microsoft Corporation, Seattle; and the Cities of Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington.