Dan Gluibizzi, Meeting Time 2022
Dan Gluibizzi  Reflecting, 2022
Dan Gluibizzi  Company, 2022
Dan Gluibizzi  Quartet, 2022
Dan Gluibizzi  Cut time, 2022
Dan Gluibizzi  Step ladder, 2022
Dan Gluibizzi  Blackberry, 2022
Dan Gluibizzi  Tablet, 2022
Dan Gluibizzi  Heater, 2022
Dan Gluibizzi  In the neighborhood, 2022
Dan Gluibizzi  Snake, cat and pitcher, 2022
Dan Gluibizzi  Dog, cockatiel and lamp, 2022
Dan Gluibizzi  Budgie, rabbit and mug, 2022
Dan Gluibizzi  Snail, orb and Nokia, 2022
Dan Gluibizzi  The Tracker, 2022
Dan Gluibizzi, In Common Time, 2022
Dan Gluibizzi Remember, 2022 Watercolor, acrylic and colored pencil on Arches Cold Press 53 x 42 in.
Dan Gluibizzi Follows 2022
Dan Gluibizzi  Sharpener, 2022
Dan Gluibizzi Cut tulips  2022
Dan Gluibizzi  Timers, 2023
Dan Gluibizzi  Gameboy, 2023
Dan Gluibizzi  Brush, 2023

Press Release

Opening reception Thursday, February 2, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.


Russo Lee Gallery is pleased to present In Common Time by Dan Gluibizzi. This exhibition of paintings and works on paper hints at the patterns and rhythms that emerge from scrolling through the digital landscapes that punctuate one’s daily life. Vertical columns and horizontal rows form the structure and order of the artworks. Gluibizzi states that inside jokes and long-held obsessions find analog form in the colored-pencil drawings and layered paint-washes. The show’s title draws connections between the 4/4 time signature of musical notation and the consistent beat of images that take shape during online searches.


While living and working in Portland, Oregon, Gluibizzi has an international reputation. He has illustrated for the New York Times and has earned critical commentary from Wired, Juxtapoz Magazine, White Wall Magazine, The Observer, Print Magazine, Beautiful Decay, Cool Hunting, and New American Paintings. His work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Portland, San Francisco, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Berlin, Copenhagen, and New York, and is included in the collections of Hall Art Foundation, Reading VT; Facebook Open Arts, Bellevue, WA; Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel, OHSU Casey Eye Institute, and Regional Arts & Culture Council’s Portable Works Collection, Portland, OR.