Gluibizzi - Friends and Strangers
Gluibizzi - Opening pairs
Gluibizzi - Summer Evening
Gluibizzi - Friends of friends
Gluibizzi - Opening
Gluibizzi - Witches badminton
Gluibizzi - Overhead
Gluibizzi - Reach
Gluibizzi - Twelve Good Eyes

Press Release

This month, Russo Lee Gallery debuts a year-long exhibition program with The Office, in which we will host a series of month-long exhibitions of work by invited, unrepresented artists in the region curated by gallery art consultant, Eva Lake. In celebrating our 30th year in business, we are utilizing a central office space which was originally used by Laura Russo, the Gallery’s founder, as an exhibit space to broaden the arts conversation in the community, reflecting the nature of a vibrant, fluid and fast-paced art world. 

Dan Gluibizzi will be the first artist in The Office, presenting Friends and Strangers. Gluibizzi, while based in Portland, Oregon, has an international reputation. He has illustrated for the New York Times and has received press from Wired, Juxtapoz, White Wall Magazine, The Observer, Print Magazine, Beautiful Decay and New American Paintings. His watercolors concentrate on the human form, face and condition, often culled from the amateur/selfie - sourced Internet. Voyeuristic yet somehow innocent, they have a warm and playful feel.