Bill Will  Talk to the Artist, 2022
Bill Will  Active Listener, 2020
Preaching to the Choir  2019
Small Sins Forgiven  2020
Bill Will  Exorcist, 2020
Bill Will  Time Machine, 2020
Bill Will  Go Ahead and End the World, 2021
Bill Will  Hypnotist, 2020
Bill Will  Liar, 2021
Bill Will  Corporate Spokesperson, 2020
Bill Will  If the Virus Could Talk, 2021
Bill Will  #1, 2021
Bill Will  Fantasy Future, 2022

Press Release

Russo Lee Gallery is pleased to present Arcade by Bill Will. The work in this exhibition is inspired by the historical 20th-century penny arcade games. Using the same mechanical movements and miniature scenes, Will has replaced the original themes with contemporary issues in a hopefully humorous and disarming way.

Bill Will is a conceptual sculptor and installation artist. He received his BA in Fine Arts from Washington State University. Will has had over sixty-five solo exhibitions and installations, has completed more than thirty public art commissions, and has received numerous grants and awards including the Bonnie Bronson Fellowship Award. Will is a professor emeritus at Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, Oregon.