Nye - Facet
Nye - Strategy
Nye - All In Your Head
Nye - Country Rock
Nye - Viking Tides
Nye- 8 Down
Nye - Tux
Nye - General Admission
Nye - Lodestar
Nye - Pool
Nye - Ways
Nye - Encore

Press Release

For the month of July, the gallery is pleased to present Tack by visual artist Whitney Nye. Nye’s new paintings and mixed media works are informed by her perception of the rhythmic patterns, sensations, hues, and textures of the natural world. Nye’s examination of her surrounding environment is brought to the forefront with the use of repetitive shapes, overlapping textures, and color, which are dominant features of Nye’s artistic aesthetic. As an observer, one’s senses are regularly at play—the eyes are constantly in motion, absorbing the relationships between pattern, color, and shape. In a recent article about the artist’s work, Nye notes that “My artwork is germinated by my senses. I seek, gather, ferment, distill, and then present. I move through places temporally and ethereally, consciously and unconsciously, absorbing like a sponge.”

Whitney Nye explores composition through gesture and the intersection of texture and color, creating paintings that suggest movement and light. For Nye, art is about creating new pathways while honoring the past. Her tradition of incorporating pattern and collage echoes within works filled with motion, rhythm, and energy. She explores the rhythms and pauses of our natural world, the processes of entropy and renewal.