Haley - Onion

Sally Haley

Untitled (Onion)

egg tempera on masonite

11 x 12 inches

Haley - Apples

Sally Haley

Untitled (Apples), 1960

oil on canvas

49 x 39 inches

Haley - Woven Basket

Sally Haley 

Untitled (Woven Basket)

acrylic on canvas

46 x 35 inches

Haley - Popov Bottle

Sally Haley 

Untitled (Popov Bottle), 1983

acrylic on canvas

42 x 24 inches

haley - Still Life with Lemons

Sally Haley

Untitled (Still Life with Lemons)

acrylic on canvas

27 x 16.5 inches

Press Release

A well-respected and avidly followed painter in Oregon, Sally Haley (1908-2007) created paintings that evoke a powerful presence. In oil, acrylic, and egg tempera, Haley rendered familiar objects such as baskets, drapery, flowers, eggs, fruit, and vegetables, in minimal environments. These images are elegantly simple in their content but complex in their concepts and execution.