Ehlis - Starting Long Before That

Starting Long Before That


Acrylic and Gouache on Canvas, Vinyl, Powder Coating on Steel, Light Projection

dimensions variable

Ehlis - This Thy Mirror

This Thy Mirror


Acrylic, Pencil, Ink on Canvas and Stainless Steel Frame, Over Mirrored Paper and Penciled Line on Wall

20” X 27” X 2”, (six panels- yellow)

Press Release

In April 2017, Russo Lee Gallery debuted a year-long exhibition program with The Office, in which we are hosting a series of month long exhibitions of work by invited, unrepresented artists in the region curated by gallery art consultant Eva Lake.

This month, in The Office we will show Jacqueline Ehlis: Nawader. Using a variety of mediums, Ehlis creates an installation splash across the room. Incorporating mirror and reflection, stainless steel and plastic, ceramic and paint, from floor to ceiling Nawader invites experiential engagement and rediscovery with both space and object. A graduate of PNCA, Jacqueline Ehlis went on to study with Dave Hickey at the University of Nevada for her MFA.