Fernandez - Red and White Gas Station

Red and White Gas Station, 2017

oil on wood

21h x 35w in

Framed: 23.50h x 38w in

Fernandez - Bombay Beach #3

Bombay Beach #3, 2017

oil on wood

16.25 x 39 inches

Framed: 18.5 x 41 inches

Fernandez - Orange Chevy Pickup

Orange Chevrolet Pickup, 2017

oil on wood

22h x 27w in

Framed: 24h x 29.50w in

Fernandez - Ketchup

Ketchup Bottle - Kalama Washington, 2014

oil on canvas

30h x 40w in

Framed: 32.50h x 42.25w in

Fernandez - Annie's Lobby

Annie's Lobby on NW Everett Street, 2014

oil on canvas

18h x 24w in

Framed: 19.50h x 25.50w in

Fernandez - Vernonia

Vernonia, 2014

oil on canvas

23h x 26w in

Framed: 24.50h x 27.50w in

Fernandez - The Red Chair

The Red Chair and Glass Coffee Table, 2014

oil on canvas

20 x 24 inches

Framed: 21.75 x 25 inches

Press Release

We are pleased to present Shelters by Gabe Fernandez in The Office, our ongoing exhibition program of independent artists. As the name of the show implies, Fernandez explores our sense of home, in both inside and outside spaces. In his Modernist world the air is clear, the lines are clean and the decade is ambiguous. Unpeopled and uncluttered, his works offer a crystalline break from the noise of contemporary life.