Russell - King's Labyrinth
Russell - Encircled
Russell - Atop the Outcrop
Russell - Stone Carving
Russell - Subalpine Time to Shine
Russell - Rhododendron Reaching
Russell - Night Moves
Russell - Art Rambler Drawing
Russell - Stub Stewart Canopy
Russell - Alpine Aster
Russell - Powell Butte Bramble
Russell - Trillium at Powell Butte
Russell - Macduff Mountain Blooms
Russell - Undergrowth
Russell - Stack up Pumice Planes
Russell - Nature is too green and poorly lit
Russell - Thick Mist on Saddle Mountain
Russell - Bear Grass
Russell - Forest Park Spring Buds
Russell - Forest Park Fall Needles
Russell - Stub Stewart After Snowmelt
Russell - Oxbow Park New Leaves