The gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of work by the internationally recognized ceramic artist, Jun Kaneko. Featured pieces are from the Dango series, the free standing hand built floor sculptures for which he is known, as well as glazed ceramic wall tiles. In all his work, Kaneko expresses a unique sensibility toward color, pattern, and form. His ceramic pieces contain an energy fostered by design elements such as colorful spirals, polka dots, and zigzags presented against strong backgrounds of solid color or delicate washes.

Jun Kaneko was born in 1942 in Nagoya, Japan. At the age of 21, he moved to the United States to study painting but instead turned to ceramics and became a pioneer in the medium. He received his education at the California Institute of Art, Claremont Graduate School, the University of California at Berkeley and the Choinard Art Institute, Los Angeles.  Although he keeps his home and studio in Omaha, Nebraska, Kaneko completed a commission locally for the Beaverton City Library, OR in 2000. His work is included in collections around the world.