J.D. Perkin’s sculpture is both lively to the mind and beautiful to the eye. He uses ceramics, sometimes incorporating steel and wood, to create human and abstract forms, which are expressive singly or in combination with one another. Perkin’s sculptures possess a vital energy, while also prompting a more meditative response from viewers. His treatment of the ceramic medium is subtly nuanced and textured. Drawing on his background as a painter, Perkin is particularly intrigued by the surface textures of his sculpture, and manipulates these to draw out both illustrative and formal qualities of the work.

A Portland native, J.D. Perkin has exhibited his work since 1982. Recently, his work has been featured at the Portland International Airport, and in Go Figure! The Human Form in Contemporary Art at the Bush Barn in Salem, Oregon. He has also been the recipient of several commissions. Perkin received a BS from Portland State University in 1984, with a focus on anthropology. While there, he also received an Award of Excellence in Painting from the School of Fine and Performing Arts. Performance art was a large part of Perkin’s artistic development, and he received a grant from the Metropolitan Arts Commission (now RACC) in 1990 for his performance piece “Dirt Box.”