Parker - Scrutinize the Peak
Parker - The Toe of Elliot Glacier
Parker - Columnar Eratic
Parker - Holding Pond
Parker - Orchard
Parker - Mountainhood
Parker - Invention of Scree
Parker - Precipice
Parker - Olympics
Parker - Ledge Above Banks Lake
Parker - Crown Jewels
Parker - Growth Boundary
Parker - Barge Music

Press Release

In Lucinda Parker’s work, we see a unique intersection of abstraction and representation. Her style is energetic, muscular, gestural and layered. A primarily abstract painter for years, Parker takes her form building skills in abstraction and applies them to the landscape. Recently she has focused her eye on Mt. Hood and its environs as her subject, often encased in skies and clouds of many colors and textures. In her November show Knowledge Is Not Our Enemy, Parker continues her exploration of the mountain, sky, land, and water to wondrous, arresting effects.